Radical Feminism

I am so relieved to read Cardinal Burke’s statements on the harmful effects of radical feminism in the Catholic Church.  I myself have been attacked several times by the radical feminists in the Vancouver Diocese.  (story developing)


Cardinal Burke:  “Catholic Church has ‘become too influenced by radical feminism”

“The radical feminism which has assaulted the Church and society since the 1960s has left men very marginalized,” Cardinal Burke

“Unfortunately, the radical feminist movement strongly influenced the Church, leading the Church to constantly address women’s issues at the expense of addressing critical issues important to men” Cardinal Burke

radical feminism


Some more evidence below.


Please see the picture below, in which you will see that Ms. Chong uses a secular/atheist term for Christmas.  She removes Christ from Christmas and says Xmas. When the middle-eastern man corrected her she threatened him with police.  Catholics don’t behave that way but savages.

Catholic After Hours