Pavel Reid

Pavel Reid conspired in a hostile attack to threaten a poor man from attending the Catholic Social Events in Vancouver.

In addition. Pavel Reid must be be removed from his position ASAP. He is the head of the Respect Life Office.

We are very disturbed and upset to see that approximately only 40 people turned out to the annual mass for Pro Life in Vancouver which was celebrated by the Bishop of Vancouver. We are asking that Michele Smillie and Pavel Reid immediately step down for this unacceptable performance.

Pavel Reid has no problem getting over 60 people to attend a alcohol event on Sundays but didn’t manage to bring 6 of those people to an issue where innocent babies are being killed.  Shame on you  Pavel Reid

pavel reid vancouverHowever Annabelle Chong and Pavel Reid threatened him with police and charges and jail if he attends.  The good citizen in the picture above was perfectly respectable and professional at ALL the Catholic After Hours Events.

As we see above,  Pavel Reid is not found in the downtown eastside or with the homeless, but enjoying his fine scotch and fine food.

Join us in contacting Bishop Miller ask him to stop practicing and / or accepting Cronyism because unborn babies who are innocent and voiceless deserve better.


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How is simple logic  

Lets say Pavel Reid did not work for the diocese.

Instead blow up dolls took over his job.  Would not approximately 40 people have shown up anyway?

If Pavel Reid spent the same effort on pro life events like he does for Catholic After Hours events the results would have been much higher.