Letter to all Catholics

Dear Members of the Public

Please join us in contacting Bishop Miller.  Ask Bishop Miller to act and not be on the side of the rich and famous, but be on the side of the poor and outcasts.

I am sure that you don’t support malice and hate and discrimination.

If you have read the content on www.CatholicAfterHours.com then you are aware that one or two leaders of the “Catholic After Hours” cult have attacked a good citizen with hateful and malicious acts.  The good citizen in the picture was sent a vicious email saying that he cannot attend “Catholic After Hours” cult, from an anonymous email ([email protected] it has changed to this email: [email protected],
[email protected])

Besides the main incident there were other acts of malice.

The other one was on the good citizens birthday, and what is worse is that it was done in a church.  

The good citizen whom the haters threatened and attacked was again attacked on his birthday from a couple of malicious leaders of this “Catholic After Hours” cult.

Anyone knows that there are more than 100 churches in the lower mainland. However on the good citizen’s birthday  the hater decided to stock the good citizen where he has been volunteering for over 2 years.  On his birthday they manipulated the church staff so they can make “an announcement” while he is there. The announcement was that they are planning on meeting on a Sunday the holy day which involves drinking alcohol, and that all are welcome except the good citizen in the picture above.

If you have at least high school math you will see that the probability of them doing that by chance is over 1/100 (because there are over 100 churches). And on his birthday is 1/365

To keep this short. Please be on the side of good and ban these haters from using Catholic paper to promote their non-catholic events.  Their hate of those who live in the Downtown Eastside and those who have orthodox views must not be supported.  God will bless you if you choose to do the good.

Bishop Miller

[email protected] 



 Please look at that picture.  Do you know this guy?

Catholic after hours

He is involved in a hateful attack against the good citizen. He has never met the good citizen but has kicked  him out of “Catholic After Hours” group.  Again most likely because the good citizen lives in the Downtown Eastside and because he is a conservative with traditional views.


Here is the definition for you
 Cronyism is partiality to  friends, especially by appointing them to positions of authority, regardless of their qualifications. Hence, cronyism is contrary in practice and principle to meritocracy

We are in talks with many advisors on how to procede in seeking justice.  Many in the past who have tried to address injustice where accused of harassment which is the Modus Operandi of the offenders and oppressors and those involved in Cronyism