Corruption and Cronyism now a FACT

Thanks to the latest stunt performed by Pavel Reid he now gave us proof of corruption and cronyism at the Vancouver Diocese.

If you recall in the past and witnessed how Pavel Reid allowed a good citizen who is middle-eastern and unfortunately living at the Salvation Army to be smeared and attacked by his friend Annabelle Chong.

 Not sure if he has an inappropriate relationship with her; or he shares her hate of middle-eastern men, or hates those who don’t want female priests.

Or those who are poor and living at the Salvation Army are unwelcome to their posh Art Gallery events which requires money for admission and money for food and drink?

Now let’s move forward to May 2 2016.  On May 2nd we finally saw picture evidence of corruption and cronyism.  Instead of Pavel Reid removing Ms. Chong due to her malice and scandalous conduct he promotes her as the head of the Pro-Life office.  Is infatuated with her?  Even though she threatened with police a man who lived at the Salvation Army who wanted to attend their posh and expensive events?

What is funny is that Pavel gets a picture with some respectable members of the community to pass it off as this was a credible appointment.

Any honest person will ask was the appointment of Ms. Chong done democratically?  Or another act of Cronyism?  We know the answer to that question.

Annabelle Chong has never posted anything pro life. Just look at her facebook page.

What is even more proof of corruption is that since Pavel Reid has full rein at the Diocese office he made sure that this picture does not show up on the online version of BC Catholic BUT ONLY IN PRINT. Please see for yourself that this picture was not online.

Here is the picture Pavel was trying to hide so he could not be found out that he pulled another act of cronyism .

pavel reid

Again. We ask you to join us and ask Bishop Miller to stop turning a blind eye to this corruption and cronyism.  

Bishop Miller

[email protected] 


Some more evidence below.

As you will see below.  Not only is there no pro life content on Ms. Chongs Facebook Page. But she refers to studies that suggest that men are born violent.  Imagine if one said that women are born violent?   I guess women can be doctors and ceo’s but they can’t be abusers?  That is very sexist of them to believe that.

vancouver diocese

Some more evidence below.

Here you will see that she refers to new age or secular topics

Vancouver Catholic

Some more evidence below.


Please see the picture below, in which you will see that Ms. Chong uses a secular/atheist term for Christmas.  She removes Christ from Christmas and says Xmas. When the middle-eastern man corrected her she threatened him with police.  Catholics don’t behave that way but savages.

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